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Want to drive more sales on your Amazon products but are struggling to increase detail page traffic? Let the VUUDL  advertising team take care of it for you. We are a team of experts in search, brand, programmatic, and video advertising who want to share your brand or product with high-intent customers on Amazon. P.S. We also have some pretty sweet AI tools to take your advertising to the next level.


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We manage your ppc campaigns with a focus on constantly improving ROAS and reducing ACoS


Our team optimizes your listings, campaigns, and stores so that you can appear higher in search results and get in front of more high-intent customers


Our creative team will edit your product images, design some lifestyle images, and make sure your Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ content is on point so that your brand shows best-in-class


Our AI tools optimize campaigns with your goals in mind in real time and ensure your ad spend is being spent as efficient as possible. Starting at $1,000/month



Great Value


Ideal for brands just getting started

$1,300 Monthly

Let our team set you up for success by optimizing your Amazon listings and setting up some PPC campaigns to kickstart sales

- Up to 2 Parent ASINs

- Weekly Reporting

- Up to $3,500/month Ad Spend

Most Popular! $700 off 1st month!


Ideal for brands ready to scale sales

$2,500 Monthly

Let us take your Amazon products to the next level. We will help you reach more customers, more efficiently.

Everything in Bronze plan, PLUS:

- Dedicated Ads Success Manager


- Up to 4 Parent ASINs

- Up to $10,000/month Ad Spend

- Weekly Zoom Meetings

Best Service


Ideal for established growth brands

$4,500 Monthly

We will manage everything Amazon including ppc ad campaigns, SEO, listing services, posts, stores, and more!

Everything in Silver plan, PLUS:

- Up to 8 Parent ASINs

- Up to $20,000/month Ad Spend

- Daily Recap Reports

- Amazon DSP

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Grow Your Sales Without Guesswork

VUUDL AI analyzes granular marketplace data to continually optimize your ad strategy. With automatic bidding, budgeting, keyword harvesting, and smart goals, our AI technology maximizes results while minimizing ad spend using advanced data models.Leverage the most advanced AI powered ad management solution to target and optimize campaigns, ensuring your ads are reaching the most relevant audiences. 85% of campaigns managed by VUUDL AI resulted in improved performance.


40-70% Average ACOS Decrease


80-150% ROAS Increase


40-180% Average Sales Increase



Take the mystery out of e-commerce marketplaces. Our AI analyzes granular marketplace data to continually optimize your ad strategy. Starting at $1000/month

Store Optimization

Our design team will take care of optimizing your brand store in-line with best in class practices to convert more brand shoppers. $500 per store

Listing Optimization

Our team of experts will optimize your listing title, content, tags, and more to increase your organic ranking. $300 per ASIN

Amazon DSP

Our team of ad experts can expose your brand to massive customer reach through Amazon DSP. Included in Gold package

EBC/A+ Content

We will add/optimize your EBC/A+ content with text and images to give your product detail pages what it needs to increase search rankings. $400 per brand

Account Management

Need someone who can handle customer service, review requests, and more? We will assign a dedicated account manager to your account. $800/month


With our in-house Amazon PPC management team, you can be sure we will make scaling your products and brand as easy as possible. We take a ROAS driven approach so that your ad dollars are spent in the most cost-efficient way possible. Let us help scale your products and brand to take your sales to the next level

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