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VUUDL Private Label

Want to own a brand that helps customers keep their minds radiant and help them battle stress by aiding sleep, focus and relaxation? How about a brand that serves a niche market within one of the largest, highest-margin categories on Amazon? If the answer is yes, Happy Aura is a brand you'll want to OWN.

VUUDL Amazon Private Label
VUUDL Amazon Private Label

New age of 
mind health.

It's a noisy world and a complex time to be alive. Our goal is to keep your mind both healthy and radiant so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest potential. We believe that if the mind is right, the rest of you will follow suit.


The plants, vitamins and minerals we use in our blends include powerful adaptogens that have shown to help fight the wreckage that daily stress and anxiety can have on your mental, physical and emotional health. Let's use nature to keep you youthful and mighty.



3 hero products to build a solid base for your brand. For more information about each product, visit the happy aura website that we have already built for you:

VUUDL Amazon Private Label
VUUDL Amazon Private Label
VUUDL Amazon Private Label


The vitamin and supplements category on Amazon is one of the largest and highest margin categories on the platform. Happy Aura was created to address a niche, underserved consumer segment within this category. With the right advertising strategy, you, the brand OWNER, has the potential to carve out your own slice of this category without facing 3P seller competition. When you purchase Happy Aura, we will help you with your advertising strategy so that you can begin to scale the brand immediately. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a brand that is built for long-term success. 


  • Vitamin & Supplements Category

  • Domestic Supply Chain (Utah)

  • Suggested ASP: $22.99

  • Projected Profit Margin: 30%

  • Suggested Monthly Ads Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

  • Projected Return on Ad Spend After Ramp Period: 3.5x

  • Possibilities: Endless.

VUUDL Amazon Private Label
VUUDL Amazon Private Label


Here's what you'll get when you purchase Happy Aura:

  • 100% Ownership

  • Amazon Brand Registry Rights

  • Comprehensive Business Plan

  • Branding Assets Package

    • Product Photos​

    • Lifestyle Images

    • Logos

    • Banners

  • Custom-Built Shopify Website

  • Turnkey Supply Chain (Domestic)

  • 6 Website Domains

  • Advertising Launch Plan

  • Future Product Roadmap

  • 3 Months Of Free Amazon Ads Management

  • Social Media Accounts

    • Instagram (6.8K followers)​

      • @happyauraco​

    • Facebook

  • And more!

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