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Vuudl Pl Brands

See some examples below of brands we have created for clients in the past that demonstrate

VUUDL Amazon Private Label

Happy Aura Supplements Co.

Stress and anxiety can have really negative effects on your body just as much as your mind. It can impact things like aging, wrinkles, sleep, immunity, energy, mood and weight gain. It can handicap your youthfulness and how you respond to everyday situations.  


Happy Aura's goal is to provide you natural solutions that protect you from the negative effects of stress and anxiety while helping you maintain your youth and enjoy life a little bit more. To learn more about this Vuudl exclusive brand, click below.

VUUDL Amazon Private Label
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VUUDL Amazon Private Label
VUUDL Amazon Private Label

VLLGE Eyewear

VLLGE Eyewear was born with the idea of creating extraordinarily unique sunglasses with a purpose. We wanted to craft fresh sunglasses that provided a style that reflected the natural beauty of exotic elements from our planet. So, we set out with a mission to find sustainable wood from all over the world that showed the beauty of nature. We believe that every pair of sunglasses should tell a story of timeless design, precise craftsmanship, and sustainability. See more information by clicking the button below.

New brands added all the time! Average time on marketplace is less than 3 weeks. Check back regularly to see new brand opportunities and don't miss out before they are sold to someone else.

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